Steps We are Taking in Regards to the CoronaVirus

Paradise Park is taking a very vigilant and serious approach to the COVID-19 virus. Following the advice of the local and federal government, as well as the CDC, we will be closed this week. In the coming weeks, Paradise Park will be seeking the guidance of health officials to determine a proper timeline for resuming normal operating hours while protecting the safety of our guests and staff. This may include only opening certain attractions or games, as well as a modified capacity or food service. When it is deemed safe to reopen, table food services will be suspended until at least March 30, 2020 in compliance of state regulations. Carry-out and counter food service will be available at that time. We will be sure to post any updates as they come in.​


The COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly developing situation. We are monitoring it closely and evolving our operations as necessary to keep our guests and community safe. We pledge to our customers to remain vigilant, pro-active and abreast of the most current recommendations throughout this serious situation. We wish wellness to all. All of us should be closely monitoring our own health as well as family members. Symptoms for Covid-19 may include a dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, and chills. These are challenging and uncertain times, but together our community will get through it stronger than ever before. Check on elderly family members, practice social distancing, support your local small businesses struggling during this time, and donate to your local food pantries if you are in a position to do so. Stay in, enjoy a movie with your family, and we will all weather this storm together.

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